Steps to Take After a Car Wreck

Steps to Take After a Car Wreck

Despite your best efforts to drive safely, car wrecks can still occur. In the unfortunate event you find yourself in a wreck, it’s essential to know the recommended steps to take. Here’s a guide on what to do.

  1. Remain Calm: After the wreck, take a moment to compose yourself.
  2. Stop the Vehicle: If it’s safe to do so, bring your car to a stop, and move it out of the flow of traffic to a secure location.
  3. Call 911: The best way to document a car wreck is by calling the police.
  4. Request an Ambulance: If you have sustained injuries, seek medical attention promptly. Your health is important.
  5. Collect Information: If the situation allows, gather as much evidence as possible. Exchange contact information, names of automobile insurance carriers and policy numbers, and vehicle information with the other driver. Also, collect contact information from potential witnesses.
  6. Document the Scene: Capture the scene and vehicle damage through photos and videos. This documentation will be valuable during the claims process.
  7. Contact Your Insurance Carrier: Reach out to your automobile insurance carrier. They can offer guidance on roadside assistance, towing services, and provide instructions on initiating the claims process.
  8. Consult a Lawyer: Consider seeking legal advice from a car wreck lawyer. We can assist in navigating the process and protecting your legal interests.

By following these steps, you can better manage the aftermath of a car wreck and ensure you address both immediate concerns and long-term considerations.

Do you need a car wreck attorney?

Seeking legal advice early in the process can help you navigate these complexities to help reach a timely resolution. The Hair Law Firm focuses on car wreck cases, representing clients daily, and filing lawsuits when necessary. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car wreck, contact the Hair Law Firm at (803) 881-3711.  Let us advocate for you so you can concentrate on your recovery and well-being.

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