Statute of Limitations for South Carolina Car Wreck Cases

Statute of Limitations for South Carolina Car Wreck Cases


Insurance adjusters will make you believe you have to settle your case within days of a car wreck occurring. This is not true.

Shortly after being involved in a car wreck, the insurance adjuster will ask you about your injuries and then email you a Release with an arbitrary deadline. The body of the email will ask you to sign the Release as soon as possible. This tactic is used by insurance companies to limit the amount of money they have to pay you for your injuries and damages. Do not let the insurance adjuster bully you.

Pursuant to S.C. Code Ann. § 15-3-530, the statute of limitations for car wreck cases is generally three years from the date the collision occurred if the claim is being made against a private party. However, the statute of limitations is two years if a governmental entity is responsible for your injuries.

It’s important to note that statutes of limitations can vary depending on the state, type of legal action, and specific circumstances of the case.

Statutes of limitations encourage the timely resolution of legal disputes. This is necessary for maintaining the efficiency of the legal system and preventing the indefinite delay of legal actions.

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