Navigating Property Damage Claims After a Car Wreck

Navigating Property Damage Claims After a Car Wreck

Property damage claims can be frustrating. Many things are going on behind the scenes that are simply not being relayed to the parties involved. Below is an overview of what you should expect if your car was damaged in a car wreck.

Investigatory Process: Assuming you are not at fault for causing the car wreck, filing a claim initiates an investigatory process involving both your and the at-fault party’s insurance companies. Patience is key as liability is determined. If the at-fault party’s insurance company accepts liability, you may receive a rental car until your vehicle is repaired or declared a total loss. If you are not provided with a rental car, you may be entitled to “loss of use” of your car.

Liability Pending: In cases where liability is pending, insurance adjusters will likely request a statement from all parties to help determinate fault. Caution is advised when providing a recorded statement to an insurance company, as it could be used against you.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage: The delay caused by insurance companies determining fault can sometimes take longer than you would like. In this situation, you may be able to get a rental car through your insurance company if you have rental reimbursement coverage.

Liability Accepted: Once liability is accepted, the property damage adjuster assesses your car’s damage, providing an estimate for repairs. You can choose a body shop of your liking, and if the car is repairable, you may receive a settlement check to cover the repairs. If your car is totaled and paid off, you will be provided with a settlement check for the market value of your car. In the event your car is not paid off, the lienholder will receive the settlement funds.

Property damage claims demand patience, even with clear liability. Consider purchasing rental reimbursement coverage for added convenience. If you are financing a car, you may want to consider purchasing GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance.

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